From bespoke courses for global businesses to developing solutions for emerging technologies, we combine world leading electrical safety knowledge with the world’s best learning experiences to create high voltage training you can trust. 

The Faraday Centre is a privately-owned international training company based in North East England. Upholding over 30 years’ experience, we specialise in providing comprehensive high and low voltage electrical safety training either at our purpose-designed facilities or at our clients’ sites, in the UK and worldwide.

Our highly experienced, multi-skilled lecturers offer an effective combination of theoretical understanding and practical hands-on learning experiences using industrial equipment to provide engineers with the knowledge and skills required to carry out specialised jobs in a safe way that’s in accordance to industry standards.

Alan Jones

LV Operations Manager

Taken:  9th September 2022    The Faraday Centre at Wilton.    Image Byline: Dave Charnley Photography.

Angela Addison

Course Booking Executive


Dave Jameson

Senior Lecturer

Tony Curry

Business Development Manager


Hannah Thomas


AEMT Awards Dinner 21.11.19

Terry Jermy

Technical Development Manager

Gary Wilson



Russell Burnett

Quality & Operations Manager


Chris Wilson

Senior Lecturer

Our Team

With countless years of real electrical experience, our team are uniquely equipped to power, promote and pioneer industry safety.

At the Faraday Centre we believe…

  • Experience is the most powerful asset we have. It should be shared, valued and harnessed for the benefit of all.
  • We can only retain knowledge by going beyond words into actions, balancing theory with practice.
  • Learning should never end. Industry can always raise standards, businesses can always improve practice and individuals need to stay in tune with the latest technology and ways of working.
  • Everyone has the right to be confident they will go home safe when the job is done.

Therefore, everything we do should bring together the best of the industry to harness experience and innovation while driving safety standards ever higher.


Richard Morrison Electrical Engineer BP

I regularly look back to the theory that I was taught on this course as a basis for my input. I found it to be a very interesting and comprehensive course run by people who knew the concepts and products inside out. This has been very valuable for my career to date and I have no doubt that will continue into the future.

Andrew Purvis Quality & Training Manager, Chemoxy International

Investing in the competence and on-going development of our employees is of real importance for Chemoxy International and we have repeatedly sent delegates to The Faraday Centre for over 4 years. Along with great customer service, The Faraday Centre offer fantastic training packages which enhances the quality of our work force.