Marton Cricket Club & The Faraday Centre

Since 2018, The Faraday Centre have been a proud sponsor to Marton Cricket Club with the focus on coaching for children. 180 pupils in total from 3 local primary schools – Captain Cook & Lingfield in Marton and Chandlers Ridge in Nunthorpe – benefited from cricket coaching funded by The Faraday Centre and delivered by Marton Cricket Club in 2019.

Tony Suggitt, the coach says: ‘It’s an ideal environment to introduce cricket to those that would maybe never consider the sport. Cricket skills are integrated into activities and games that all can participate in building their skills over the 6-week period, culminating in cricket games.

Receiving feedback such as ‘the children can’t wait for your cricket each week’ or ‘this is the best of the enrichment activities we take part in’ we couldn’t be more proud to be supporting our local community in such a positive way. We are happy that due to such positive response from children and their parents as well as teachers the coaching will continue in 2020.

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