Hybrid/Electric meets The Faraday Training Group

As a market leading electrical training provider, The Faraday Training Group is often approached to provide bespoke courses to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Recently, we have received numerous requests from the hybrid/electric (bus, car, maritime and renewable power) industries to provide training which focuses on the ‘principles of’ rather than manufacturers training.

The Faraday Training Group prides itself on designing and delivering courses in response to industry and customer demand, therefore we are pleased to announce the launch of a new one-day course, the Hybrid Electrical Safety Awareness (H1) course which covers topics including:

  • Hazards and Effects of AC and DC Power
  • Overview of UK Electricity at Work Regulations 1989/HSG85
  • Safety in Electrical Testing at Work HSE INDG354
  • Arc Flash / Fault Energy
  • DC Power Sources/ Lead Acid, Lithium-Ion
  • Safe Handling and Maintenance of Batteries
  • Super/Ultra Capacitors
  • Appropriate Tools and PPE
  • Assessment

Please bear with me and let me state a few obvious points that I feel are worth making: the hybrid/electric industry has not invented anything fundamentally new, the electricity, motors, generators, batteries and capacitors are all working on the same principles they always have; how the industry develops and uses these technologies is novel and requires considerable thought for safety prior to being worked on; and the hazards are still the same ones they always were, electrical engineers just need to receive the right training to ensure they can carry out the work competently and safely.

Following discussions with industry specialists we found there was a need for both a short awareness course, such as the Hybrid Electrical Safety Awareness course, and a longer ‘route to authorisation’ course. For the longer course, which we anticipate will be a five-day course, we are speaking to industry experts and our customers to understand what content should be covered and whether the course will be tailored to different industries. So far, we have been through all the regulations relevant to the hybrid/electric industries, and the basic principles of isolation – switch off, isolate, secure and prove dead – which always apply. However, the physical process and equipment involved in carrying out these procedures vary greatly therefore we are leaning towards industry specific courses.

As our customers, you drive the need for training and we strive to meet your requirements and specifications, therefore if you have any information or insight you would like to share with us we would be very happy to receive it, please email: training@faradaycentre.co.uk.

We will keep you up to date with the progress on the launch of the longer course via our website and social media channels. In the meantime, you can read more on our Hybrid Electrical Safety Awareness course or sign up to attend here.

Stuart Corner
Group Sales Manager
The Faraday Training Group