The Countdown Continues…

The Faraday Centre’s project team have their hands full at the moment as we are currently undergoing relocation from Skippers Lane Industrial Estate, Middlesbrough to the Annexe Building, Wilton Centre, Redcar. The new premises doubles our size allowing for both upgrades and future growth.

Recently, the first of many courses launched at the new Wilton Annexe facility. The building has undergone many changes over the past 6 months, and over the last few weeks especially the innovative centre has really started to take shape. The centre now boasts a large practical area, two executive conference rooms, one large board room, three small lecture rooms, three large lecture rooms, canteen and reception area. We also now have our first fully operational 33Kv system installed in the main practical area providing the hands on training that the Faraday Centre is renowned for.

The next month will be a particularly busy time for the project team as we will be relocating the Stephenson Court (current headquarters) switchgear into the main practical area at Wilton. We would like to reassure all of our clients and anyone due to attend training with us that there will not be any disruption to scheduled courses while preparations and development continue.

Once our relocation is complete and our new headquarters is fully functioning, we will be inviting our clients both new and existing to come and see the new facilities for themselves. Please keep an eye out for invites coming your way, we cant wait to show off our state of the art centre!