What’s the point of an exhibition in the digital age?

Middle East Electricity Exhibition
14-16 February 2017

Last month The Faraday Training Group’s Marketing Manager, Sophie Proud and Stefan Zaitschenko, Technical Author exhibited at the Middle East Electricity Exhibition in Dubai. Here Stefan, a protection and generator expert with over 35 years’ experience, shares his insight into the industry event.

I have been to many exhibitions in my electrical engineering career but this was by far the biggest I have seen. The diversity from older technologies to renewables and the not surprising prominence of solar power was as good as it gets.

Not knowing what to expect I couldn’t have been more pleased with the continual interest we received, so much so that the three days flew by. In this age of websites and social media, the importance of making new connections and meeting potential partners and clients face-to-face should never be forgotten.

Interest varied widely from the expected questions of what does The Faraday Training Group do, where and what does it cost, to a genuine enthusiasm for us to work in partnership to engender greater engineering knowledge throughout the Middle East and Asia.

The Faraday Training Group has successfully delivered courses in Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and many more but could we deliver courses in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and India should we be asked? There was much discussion about the future and how we could work together for mutual benefit. India was of particular interest with their need for a training provider, which could offer the experience and capability that The Faraday Training Group currently boasts.

In three days Sophie and I made many new connections and our inboxes have already received follow ups from the enthusiastic professionals we met. All visitors were provided with smart badges which could be scanned wirelessly to collect their contact details and share their own, which definitely helped us get many hits.

These are exciting times for The Faraday Training Group as it relocates to a larger facility in the UK, continually introduces new courses to its offering and expands its coverage into fast-developing economies.

PS: And yes, I had time to walk around parts of the exhibition with my engineers’ eyes and saw how technology is moving at a pace particularly in control and protection. I attended an interesting seminar on fault current limitation using supercooled reactors – which was genuinely fascinating to me!