We have launched an innovative new course

The Faraday Training Group is proud to announce the launch of the MAR 7 – Refresher in the Safe Operation of Offshore/Maritime High Voltage Power Systems course.

This course has been designed in response to customer demand for the maritime industry to be brought into line with land-based Senior Authorised Personnel (SAP), in that they can receive periodic (3-5 years) re-assessment of their high voltage competency.

Barry Thomas, managing director of The Faraday Training Group, said: “We pride ourselves on offering courses to meet industry demands and the changing needs of our customers, our new course is a fine example of this.

“We believe this is the first course of its type, and as market leaders in the provision of high voltage maritime training, it is only right that we lead the way.

“We hope that the introduction of this course, and similar courses, will make skill reassessments and refreshers a form of best practice within the industry.”

The aim of the course is to provide refresher training to Electro-Technical Officers, Senior Engineers and other senior authorised personnel with a responsibility for carrying out high voltage switching duties and the issue of safety documents associated with such work.

Pre-requisites for this course are for Marine/Offshore Personnel with considerable experience in carrying out high voltage switching duties up to and including 15kV, as a SAP, associated with the safe operation of electrical power systems and who have previously attended a course such as the MCA4 or MAR4 (Maritime HV Senior Authorised Person).

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